B.A.P reveals their intense music video for “BADMAN”

The boys of B.A.P (Best, Absolute, Perfect) are back and their comeback is anything but subtle. The boys filmed an intense, expensive music video for “BADMAN” to signal their return and it instantly had K-Pop fans in a state of amazement.

The boys traveled all the way to Detroit to film the music video, much to the fear of their fans. Of all the crazy places they could’ve picked to film their music video, they go to one of the most dangerous cities in the United States… Now that’s dedication. Luckily for B.A.P, everyone they met there was pleasant, nice, and very cooperative in the filming.

B.A.P reveals their intense music video for BADMAN

Detroit and its issues with poverty and crime was a perfect location to follow along the theme of BADMAN, which was written by member Bang Yong Guk in order to bring light to all of the terrible and saddening news that frequents our news channels.

The music video was directed by Hong Won Ki Won and ZanyBros, and it was filmed at the same location as the blockbuster movie “Transformers”. The music video also featured over 100 extras.

Be sure to check out BADMAN below. It’s definitely different and worth the 4 minutes.