B.A.P to end their promotions for BADMAN this weekend

After a month after its release, B.A.P is finally getting ready to wrap up their promotions for BADMAN. The boys have confirmed that by this weekend, they will end their promotions and move on to their next project. Their album has done remarkably well, with the album topping various charts, including iTunes’s Hip-Hop charts in several countries.

The reason B.A.P is ending their promotions for BADMAN already is because the boys are gearing up to revisit Japan! They’re prepping to release the Japanese version of “Warrior”  on October 9th and they’re going to be doing 6 Arena Tours in both October and November.

B.A.P to end their promotions for BADMAN this weekend

They have a lot to prep for, and they’re getting started right away.

It’s unfortunate that the boys weren’t able to achieve any music trophies with BADMAN this time around, but once they increase their popularity (and these Arena Tours should help a lot), perhaps their next comeback they’ll be able to snag trophies left and right!

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