B.A.P’s “Live On Earth” tour to kick off in Seoul on March 8th

B.A.P will be holding another “Live on Earth” concert tour!

They’ll be kicking off their tour in Seoul at the SK Handball Stadium of the Olympic Park on March 8th and 9th!

Soon after, they’ll be touring many other cities in South Korea.

We’re not sure yet whether they’ll be traveling overseas for their concert tour, but considering how internationally popular B.A.P is, we wouldn’t doubt it.

B.A.P to hold Live On Earth Seoul concert to take place on March 8th-9th

B.A.P’s 2014 “Live on Earth” tour will help the boys promote their upcoming full-album “First Sensibility“.

Their album will be released on February 3rd, and the boys will be promoting their title track “1004 (Angel)” on various music programs.

This will be B.A.P’s first official full-album, so I’m sure BABYs all over will be excited for it! We expect “First Sensibility” to rank very well on music charts.

We already know how successful B.A.P’s concerts are, so let’s hope their 1st full-album sales are just as successful!