Global Icon releases their ballad single “Because of You”

Global Icon is gearing up to make a strong comeback on September 3rd with their very first mini-album!

In order to get their fans hyped up, the girls pre-released a track on the album titled “Because of You“. Their new single is extremely different from their debut song “BEATLES“, and not in a bad way at all.

The song is a touching and sad ballad song that showcases the girls’ prowess in vocals, proving that they don’t really need the auto-tune.

While “Because of You” is a great ballad, fans are a bit worried that Global Icon may stray away from their debut concept.

The tomboy concept and the girls’ dark theme was what hooked many fans in the first place, so if the girls were to stray away from that and turn into girly girls, that may have some detrimental effects on their comeback.

Global Icon releases their latest single Because of You


Fans were scared that Global Icon may have been ditching their tomboy looks when the girls modeled for the Korean restaurant “94Street”. The girls were wearing fancy dresses and looked very feminine, which ironically upset a lot of people.

But Sim Tong Entertainment put many fans to ease by releasing a preview of “Because of You”. The preview video shows that the girls are in fact retaining their tomboy image, and that “Because of You” is just a track that shows an alternate side to them. We’re only 2 days away from the girls’ comeback, and if “Because of You” is any indication, the girls are going to come back strong.

Check out Global Icon’s new single below!

Global Icon – Because of You (preview)

Global Icon – Because of You (full)