M.Pire releases their debut music video for “Can’t Be Friends With You”

M.Pire is the new kid on the block in the K-Pop industry and they’re one of the many groups that are going towards a more darker image for their concept. It looks like this is where the K-Pop industry seems to be going as a whole, or at least what rookie groups are aspiring to.

M.Pire’s debut music video for “Can’t be friends with you” displays this group’s concept extremely well. The setting is dark, the boys are dressed up in chic, yet menacing outfits and their make-up is done to make them look like vampires (to go along with their concept as Music Vampires).

The boys also show off their vocal abilities as well as their skills in dancing. If I’m being completely honest, neither are extremely spectacular, however it is a great start for a group who has just debuted.

M.Pire releases debut music video for Can't be friends wih you

The boys of M.Pire had trained for 3 years prior to their debut. There are 6 members total in this group. There’s the leader/lead vocalist Taehee, rapper Seo Yooseung, sub-vocalist Haru, vocalist/Chinese member Red, main vocalist T.O, and maknae/rapper Jerry.

The 6 members of the group may be talented in dancing and singing, but that’s not the only skills that these boys possess. Member Yooseung was an actor prior to debuting, having a roll in the MBC drama “A Hundred Year Inheritance”. Taehee has skills in graphics design and even helped create the artwork for M.Pire’s single “Carpe Diem” as well as the stills. And Jerry, the maknae/rapper of the group, is also exceptional in dancing and he takes the lead when it comes to teaching the rest of his members how to perform the choreography.

Being a part of a small entertainment label like Benjamin Entertainment won’t be easy for M.Pire, at least financially, but on the bright side, because they’re a part of such a small entertainment label, each member gets to have more creative freedom when it comes to their projects and performances.

M.Pire has a tough road ahead of them, and with their debut music video only reaching 35,000 views on YouTube so far, they’re going to have to work extra hard to gain fans. But despite having an uphill battle, these boys are talented and they will, hopefully, receive the recognition they’re aiming for.

Without further ado, check out M.Pire’s debut music video for “Can’t be friends with you” below.

Source: Soompi