Topp Dogg reveals member #9: Seogoong

| October 15, 2013 | 0 Comments

Topp Dogg member #9 has been revealed. His name is Seogoong, and he looks like he’s one of the rappers in the group.

He’s following the same beast/animal-like concept as Yano… which makes me wonder if Topp Dogg’s concept is going to be animalistic.

But then again, their name is Topp Dogg… so it wouldn’t be a surprise at all.

We’re 9 members in, with only 4 members left before we finally get to see Topp Dogg as a whole!

Topp Dogg member 9 has been revealed Seogoong


We’re also only 8 days away from Topp Dogg’s official showcase and 10 days away from their official debut.


Topp Dogg already has a lot of fans due to their teasers and the release of their mixed tapes. I really hope that these boys can live up to their hype.

Since Topp Dogg was created by Cho PD, everyone’s expecting great things from them. It’ll be great to have an outstanding rookie group debut one of these days.

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