WINNER will release 4 self-composed songs on October 28th!

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WINNER, also known as Team A from YG Entertainment’s reality-survival competition: WIN, is set to debut in 2-3 months!

Their exact debut date isn’t set in stone, but they’re expected to debut in either December or January.

Not only that, but WINNER will be releasing 4 self-composed songs beforehand on October 28th, just to give fans a taste of what they can expect when the group finally debuts.

After their songs are released, WINNER will begin prepping to perform as the opening act of Big Bang’s Japanese Dome Tour, which will take place in November.

WINNER to debut in 2-3 months with 4 self-composed songs

The group has been through a lot and now they get to live out their dreams. I’m sure they will be well-received by Big Bang’s VIPs.


As for Team B, Yang Hyun Suk has revealed that disbandment isn’t the only option he is considering for the group. He’s putting the group through more training at YG Entertainment. He says that he will either retain the group as a whole, or replace a few members (which will not sit will with fans). So sometime in the near future, we might be seeing another Kpop boy group from YG Entertainment!

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